Concerns Premature, says Income Tax Dept about India-Mauritius DTAA Amendment as Ratification Pending

The Income Tax Department has stepped forward to address concerns surrounding the recent amendment to the India-Mauritius Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement ( DTAA ). In a tweet dated April 12, 2024, the department responded to queries and apprehensions that have surfaced regarding this amendment. Clarifying the current status, the Income Tax Department highlighted that the concerns and queries being raised are premature. This is primarily because the Protocol related to the amendment has not yet been ratified and notified under section 90 of the Income-tax Act, 1961. The department’s statement emphasized that any questions or issues pertaining to the amended India-Mauritius DTAA will be dealt with appropriately once the Protocol is enforced.

This proactive clarification aims to address uncertainties and provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of the situation. The amendment to the India-Mauritius DTAA has garnered significant attention and discussion within the financial and legal sectors. However, the official stance from the Income Tax Department underscores the importance of awaiting formal ratification and notification before drawing conclusions or raising concerns. This statement from the Income Tax Department aims to provide assurance and clarity amid ongoing discussions regarding the India-Mauritius DTAA amendment, setting the stage for informed decision-making once the Protocol is officially enforced.

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