DGFT Revises Import Policy Condition for Glufosinate Technical From ‘Free’ to ‘Prohibited’ w.e.f. January 25, 2024 [Read Notification]

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade ( DGFT ), through Notification No. 58/2023 dated January 23, 2024, has introduced modifications to the import policy conditions governing Glufosinate Technical. This particular substance falls under HS Code 38089390, as outlined in Chapter 38 of Schedule – I ( Import Policy ) of the Indian Trade Classification ( Harmonized System ) 2022. The key alteration in the import policy for ‘Glufosinate Technical’ is the transition from a status of “Free” to “Prohibited.”

This change is expected to have implications for businesses and entities engaged in the importation of this chemical compound. However, an essential caveat accompanies this prohibition. Importation of Glufosinate Technical will continue to be permitted without restrictions if the CIF ( Cost, Insurance and Freight ) value is Rs. 1289/- or exceeds this amount per kilogram. This stipulation provides a notable exception to the otherwise restricted import policy. These amendments are scheduled to be enforced from January 25, 2024, onwards. As a result, stakeholders in the chemical industry and those involved in the importation of Glufosinate Technical are advised to take note of these regulatory changes and ensure compliance with the revised import policy. The notification states as follows: HS code Item Description              Existing Policy Existing Policy Condition

Revised Policy Condition 38089390 Other Free If registered and not prohibited for import under Insecticides Act, 1968 and formulations thereof. (a) If registered and not prohibited for import under Insecticides Act, 1968 and formulations thereof.   (b) Import of ‘Glufosinate Technical’* ( Purity – Minimum 95% w/w ) [CAS No. 51276-47-2] is “Prohibited” for CIF value below Rs. 1289/- per Kg.   (c) However, import of ‘Glufosinate Technical’ is “Free” for CIF value of Rs. 1289/- or above per Kg (d) The said policy condition shall be reviewed after a period of one year. * IUPAC Name: 2-amino-4-[hydorxy9methyl) phosphoryI] butanoic acid To Read the full text of the Notification CLICK HERE

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